Silver Reunion

Silver Reunion

Gallaudet's 150th anniversary


Hi everyone!

As many of you have heard by now, Gallaudet is celebrating its 150th anniversary with the Gallaudet Reunion happening from July 9 - 13, 2014 here on Kendall Green.

Not only is this Gallaudet's 150th anniversary, this is also GUAA's 125th and these few days have been packed with alumni events. Registration is now available online so you can register for the Gallaudet Reunion.

Please see the link and share this information with your classmates regarding the Gallaudet Reunion because we would love to see you there!

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A comment from Chairperson

Hello Committee,
    First and most important I want to say many thanks for the beautiful quilt blanket!! I will always treasure that. Actually you don't have to do that. I really enjoyed work with each of you!   Since I got the blanket, I'm glad to have it! Thanks once again!!!
      I want to say thanks to individual of you, I didn't get a chance to do at the reunion. I wanted the member to see how hard work you each did for our class 87. I guess I have some stage fright and couldn't think right. So I’m doing this now and will be posted on website (only if it is ok with you)  Also, you might think that I was too busy and not noticed what you all did at the reunion, actually I did pay attention to every details and know what you guys were doing ha...

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Class Reunion Jacket



Hello Members,

        For those members who didn’t attend reunion and want to order our beautiful jacket, you could!! It is $53.00 included shipping and embroider $57.00 for xxl and larger….

Email to Kate O’Donnell, kate at, mention Class 87 jacket.

O’ Donnell Promotions

1932 Buckingham Drive

Wheaton, Il  60189

Deadline for order jacket is 12/28/12.

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Time comes closer


Hi '87 members,
       Time comes closer for us to have a blast time!  I'm exciting and can't wait to see you all!
        Just want to remind you to bring our beautiful class Jersey.  We will be wearing it on Friday evening to pep rally and pre bash party, also to our parade on Saturday. 
          Don't forget that our banquet is semi formal, bring nice clothes.
          Also for those members who didn't have a chance to order jacket, please wear dark blue (navy blue) long sleeves top for our class picture. Thanks
See ya all in 22 days! Viva 87 viva!

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hello 87ers,
            yesterday we, the committee had meeting and we are glad we have 98 members who will attend our reunion.  we still feel that there are a lot more people who missed deadline and we would like to give them a second chance. 
              you still can come to the reunion, the new deadline will be 9/21.  it will be 140.00.  it covers everything except NO jacket.  please do send the forms to Becky along with the money.  please feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions. 
               as for some members who want to come for the day on Saturday, join with us for breakfast and class picture, it will be 30.00 deadline 9/21.
                thanks and be looking forward to see you all!!  and hope for more members to join with us too!!  Debby-Coki

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Extended 2 extra weeks


Hello 87ers!!

           I’m as exciting as time comes closer to have our 25th reunion, hardly can’t wait to see you all!!  Unfortunately some of you haven’t send out registration forms yet as today is deadline!  Good news that we are able to extended 2 extra weeks until August 24th.  That will be the final deadline because we need time to order jackets/embroider.  Please do send out the registration forms now, or have extra time to re-consider and come to the reunion!!  It will be worthwhile… be looking forward to see you all!! 

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Kellogg Conference Center Hotel is booked



Hello everyone!!! I hope you all are having a pleasant summer and getting ready to join us in October! Currently, Kellogg Conference Center Hotel is booked and I'm including two locations where you can make your own reservation. Be sure to mention that you're attending Gallaudet University Class of 87 25th Reunion to get their special rate. Here are the two hotels:


If you have any questions, please email me at and I will do my best to assist you with your questions, but you are to make your own reservations directly.


Courtyard Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

Welcome to the Courtyard Marriott Washington, DC, where our state-of-the-art lobby offers inviting spaces, advanced technology & on-site dining. Discover deluxe accommodations and spacious guest rooms at our Marriott Capitol Hill hotel.


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A note and video from Memorabilia Chairperson




Helloooooo, 87'ers!!

    Just another gosh-darned, friendly reminder to you all to send in your biographies and current photos for our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet, for our Reunion in October!  Earlier this month, I've extended the deadline from May 1st to May 31st and that is tomorrow!! (((Aaaaggggghhhhh!!!))) shrieking-blood curdling-scream echoing across the country from coast-to-coast, shattering millions of windows on every household, bouncing off mountainsides, over the canyons, across the prairie to Mount Rushmore causing the eyes of the famous Presidential Faces to widen, through the Appalachians to the east coast.....WHOA!! (Ohhh man, I have a soar throat now!! from screamin'...) *wink*  SO FAR since extending the deadline to May 31st, I have received a few responses which is good BUT NOT as many as I hoped to receive.   Please spread the word to all our other classmates and remind them to send in their bios and current photos.  THANK YOU to those who already have sent

    in theirs....just spread the word to others.  Again, don't worry about sending in your old yearbook photos - I have already scanned everyone's.  We only need bios and current photos. 

    I am pleased and thrilled to have Terri Levine help me work on our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet.... she has a lot of ideas and suggestions on how we can create our Memory Booklet.  We are making little progress but will speed up once we receive more responses from everybody.  Even though tomorrow is the send in your bios and current photos anyway even if it's past the deadline.  Just pretty-please don't wait until the end of June or July..... It really does take time to work on putting together our Memory Booklet.  We want to complete the booklet before the very end of July so we can have them made by a book-binding company.  Soooo, we would really appreciate it very much if y'all can send 'em too me as soon as possible.... We both want to make our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet to look "CHAMP!!" - "NIFTY" - "FAR OUT!!" - "WAY OUTTA THIS WORLD!" - Don't y'all want the same?  I do!  WE DO!!  ;-)

   AGAIN MANY THANKS to those who already have sent in their bios and photos!!  And, for those of you who have NOT sent in your bios and current photos, just hit "Reply" back to this email only to (not "Reply All") -- Just simply fill out the info below and attach a current photo of yourself or with your family/pets.  Pretty simple!  ;-D

I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you all at the Reunion in October.  WE the Class of 1987 ROCK!!  :-)

Jim "Jimbo" Casson

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Note from Chairperson


Hello everyone!!!

         We have a better and updated size measurement for men and women, please take a look and pick out which size you prefer, notify Becky with changes or pick out accurate one on your registration form if you haven’t send it out yet.  Thank you!!  Coki

 Click this pdf icon to view & print 

p.s  please do send out your registration forms, bios info and donation!!!  

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Note from Chairperson


Many thanks to those people who made the donations!!  I have seen names of donors grow daily.. I’m exciting now….come on, let’s see it grows more and more…also I want to see the rest of you on the list of donors…to show how powerful we were and still are!!  

p.s.  in case you might not realize it is only 174 days left to our reunion!!!  Viva 87 - Cokismiley

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