Silver Reunion

Silver Reunion

A note and video from Memorabilia Chairperson



Helloooooo, 87'ers!!

    Just another gosh-darned, friendly reminder to you all to send in your biographies and current photos for our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet, for our Reunion in October!  Earlier this month, I've extended the deadline from May 1st to May 31st and that is tomorrow!! (((Aaaaggggghhhhh!!!))) shrieking-blood curdling-scream echoing across the country from coast-to-coast, shattering millions of windows on every household, bouncing off mountainsides, over the canyons, across the prairie to Mount Rushmore causing the eyes of the famous Presidential Faces to widen, through the Appalachians to the east coast.....WHOA!! (Ohhh man, I have a soar throat now!! from screamin'...) *wink*  SO FAR since extending the deadline to May 31st, I have received a few responses which is good BUT NOT as many as I hoped to receive.   Please spread the word to all our other classmates and remind them to send in their bios and current photos.  THANK YOU to those who already have sent

    in theirs....just spread the word to others.  Again, don't worry about sending in your old yearbook photos - I have already scanned everyone's.  We only need bios and current photos. 

    I am pleased and thrilled to have Terri Levine help me work on our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet.... she has a lot of ideas and suggestions on how we can create our Memory Booklet.  We are making little progress but will speed up once we receive more responses from everybody.  Even though tomorrow is the send in your bios and current photos anyway even if it's past the deadline.  Just pretty-please don't wait until the end of June or July..... It really does take time to work on putting together our Memory Booklet.  We want to complete the booklet before the very end of July so we can have them made by a book-binding company.  Soooo, we would really appreciate it very much if y'all can send 'em too me as soon as possible.... We both want to make our "Then and Now" Memory Booklet to look "CHAMP!!" - "NIFTY" - "FAR OUT!!" - "WAY OUTTA THIS WORLD!" - Don't y'all want the same?  I do!  WE DO!!  ;-)

   AGAIN MANY THANKS to those who already have sent in their bios and photos!!  And, for those of you who have NOT sent in your bios and current photos, just hit "Reply" back to this email only to (not "Reply All") -- Just simply fill out the info below and attach a current photo of yourself or with your family/pets.  Pretty simple!  ;-D

I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you all at the Reunion in October.  WE the Class of 1987 ROCK!!  :-)

Jim "Jimbo" Casson